At Aegis Capital Advisors ("ACA"), we believe that successful investments often start with strong partnerships between management and investors. Accordingly, we use a constructive approach to partnering that is based on our successful track record, including active service on the boards numerous companies. We understand the opportunities and challenges faced by management teams and are experienced in working with them to grow their businesses and realize their vision.


ACA will complement management activities as appropriate. Our involvement with a portfolio company can range from active board level involvement to provide appropriate strategic guidance and governance, to daily collaboration when management requires additional resources on a specific initiative. We limit the number of portfolio companies with which we are involved to ensure we can devote sufficient attention to the needs of our management teams.

 ACA can help management with a variety of strategic initiatives including:

        ? Developing and refining growth strategies

        ? Identifying and executing add-on acquisitions

        ? Securing appropriate forms of additional debt or equity financing

        ? Recruiting independent and value-added board members or advisors

        ? Augmenting management teams

        ? Broadening industry or strategic relationships through our extensive network 

        ? Leveraging the ACA team to provide additional finance and accounting support



ACA seeks to align management?s interests with our own by mutually agreeing on an appropriate compensation program and capital structure. Management should participate in economic value creation through investment of their own equity. We have experience with a variety of incentive compensation plans and can craft a structure that meets our mutual goals. We seek to tailor the debt structure and terms to accommodate the growth strategy of the company while creating returns for management and ACA.??