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The partners at Aegis Capital Advisors ("ACA") have significant experience working with owners of privately held businesses and are familiar with the challenges they face when selling their company. Every transaction is different, and we adapt our transaction structure to meet the individual needs of business owners. We pride ourselves on speed and certainty of closing and acting as a responsible steward for the companies in which we invest.


We have a unique degree of flexibility regarding transaction type and capital structure.  While we expect the majority of our transactions to be leveraged buyouts, we are equally comfortable with significant minority positions. Our team also has significant experience investing alongside other investors where such a partnership makes the most sense for the business. For example, we can invest in partial recapitalizations, which allow existing shareholders, founders or family members to maintain their desired level of ownership. Transaction types in which we have experience include:

        ? Leveraged buyouts

        ? Management buyouts

        ? Growth equity

        ? Acquisition capital

        ? Recapitalizations

        ? Structured equity


We understand that speed and certainty of closing is of the utmost importance, as such we adhere to several basic priorities:

        ? Efficient due diligence and rapid decision-making

        ? Open communication and process transparency

        ? Highly flexible and creative structuring

        ? Streamlined investment approval process without extensive bureaucracy

        ? Longstanding relationships with experienced lenders and third party advisors

Our thematic investment strategy focuses on a limited number of sub-sectors and helps ensure speed and certainty of closing. By understanding the key drivers of a business and its market, we are able to perform our diligence efficiently.



We also understand that a seller?s relationship with management and employees often extends beyond the transaction. It is therefore important for a seller to understand our collective plan for the business. Like our constructive approach to partnering, we appreciate a seller?s insights and we can accommodate their interest to ensure the best long-term outcome.?